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wedding invitation wording

| inspiration, planning, tips | April 20, 2015

wedding invitation wording

Creating your perfect wedding invitation wording

Creating your wedding invitation wording can seem to be more stressful than anything else in the planning stage. You want to sound formal without seeming like a Renaissance reenactment and cordial without being long winded. It seems like the simplest part of the entire wedding, but often it isn’t. Politeness is key and in one small card, you need to make sure you thank everyone, especially the people financing the wedding and write something that will really make your guests want to come.



Here are some tips to keeping your wedding invitation wording simple and direct.


Don’t be overly eloquent

The biggest mistake on most couple’s wedding invitation is it’s too wordy. Remember your guests want to know when, where and how much booze, food, and entertainment is present not your entire love’s history in under 180 characters. While it is the most romantic day of your life, remember not to bore your guests from the get-go with a Shakespearean sonnet before you’ve even lured them to the service. Save the love sonnets for the altar or the bedroom and tell them what matters, where to go. Keep it short and sweet; remember they’ll keep the card for the information, not the beautiful quotes. And if you want to refrain from answering a million questions on where exactly the venue is and who they can bring for the hundredth time, make sure the most detailed part of the card is the where and when section.


Keep to the basics of the invite

What you need to include in your wedding invite, honestly, isn’t that much. Simply make sure to include you and your partner’s names, the host’s names (most often your parents), when, where, an inviting line and a call to action. This is important, don’t forget to tell guests to RSVP in your call to action and set up a wedding website (can be done for free) or a traditional phone call/ mailed acceptance etc. If your wedding is going to be out of the city… don’t just put “Where: New York City”, that’s like personally inviting your guests to frantically call you with a million questions about where the ceremony actually is. Even though it’s not eye-catching to put a chunky address in the middle of your wedding card, it’s important. If you want the guests to bring the invite to the ceremony to get in… better put that on the car or poor Aunt Susie will be left in the rain.


Traditionally, the bride’s name is put first and not the grooms but these days that isn’t important enough to worry about. If putting both www.ourhealthissues.com/product/wellbutrin/ your family’s names on the card is too much space you can start your invitation off with a simple “Together with their families,” and then continue with your own names and the invite.


Personalize it but not too much

You know better than anyone else what kind of couple the two of you are. If you are the type that loves to get drinks with the crew and take on the town, don’t have a wedding invitation that begins “Salutations.” Stay true to who the two of you are and don’t make the invite more complex then it needs to be. Imagine yourself reading that card as if it came from someone like your first college roommate. If you’re reading it and thinking their announcement sounds weird, grossly sappy or just plain “uppity,” you might want to rethink your wedding invitation wording.


In the scheme of things, it doesn’t matter if your wedding invitation wording says “join us for a glorious molding of souls” or “Diana and James finally tied the knot”. How casual or fancy your wedding is, is completely up to the two of you. It would seem odd to get an incredibly sophisticated wedding card for a barn wedding or a casual mustache themed invitation at the finest hotel in the city. Keep in mind the venue and your personalities when personalizing the cards.

personalized wedding invitation wording


Have a minimalist invitation format

This is the hardest one for me as a person who loves patterns and colors. Have you ever looked at a billboard so intensely colorful you didn’t even read what company it was for? That’s how your wedding invitation could be if you don’t keep it easy on the eye and as minimalist as you can stand. I’m not advising a purely black and white format but maybe keep the crazy colors away from the text or have a white background with a central image at the card’s focal point.


Get inspiration

And finally, get inspiration from other sources than the local wedding shop’s bridal catalog. Remember humans have been getting married since the dawn of time and every type of invitation dream you have has probably been created before. Don’t be afraid to “borrow” formatting ideas from online and check Pinterest and wedding forums for cute ideas.

Don’t sweat the small things. While today your wedding invitation wording may seem like the biggest decision you’ve ever made, remember the real big decision was deciding to join your lives together. Enjoy every minute of the process and keep in mind it’s supposed to draw you together not pull you apart. Kiss a lot, make typos often, and have a ball on your “big day”.

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