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Wedding Dress Alterations: Tips and Tricks

| planning, tips | July 2, 2014

Wedding Dress Alterations, Tips to avoid a nightmare!

Wedding dress alterations

Regardless of whether you’re buying a wedding dress right off the rack or having one custom made, chances are that you will need some type of alterations for it to be perfect for your special day. Generally, a ready to go wedding dress requires at least three fitting sessions, while expect to go in for two appointments even if you’re getting one exclusively designed. Listed below are a few wedding dress alteration tips and tricks that will ensure your wedding dress looks its best.

The Initial Selection:

As women we often look for bargains and our wedding gowns is no different. But as a result sometimes need to settle for a dress that is either a few sizes small or big. Always consider buying a larger size and having it made smaller as the other way can lead to seams not fitting and lining showing.

Alterations are meant to accommodate a variation of a couple dress sizes or so and shouldn’t be extensive, time consuming or costly. Some bridal boutiques offer alterations such as adding bustles, corset backs, sashes, bows as well as straps for dresses purchased elsewhere. But if the wedding dress is a few sizes too big or small, the tailor will have to take the entire thing apart and stitch it from scratch for it to hang properly. This is not only a labor intensive process, but will cost you a lot and defeats the purpose of the initial bargain.

For those not equally proportioned:

Some women have a generous bust line, but are trim in all other areas, while others are the opposite. Women that aren’t the same size throughout should consider buying wedding attire that fits perfectly where they are the biggest. Reason being, it is much easier and cheaper to take in the dress in the looser areas than to alter the entire wedding dress.

Tailor’s reputation vs. cost:

Most women today opt for a designer wedding dress and will pay top dollar. Given that you’re paying that much for your  dress, the last thing you want to do is have it altered by an inexperienced or disreputable tailor. You wouldnt  let an amateur  lose of your beautiful Vera Wang Wedding dress.  Regardless of the extent of the alterations, the tailor forhealthylives must have a high level of expertise to match that of the designer that originally created the dress.

Wedding dress alteration services generally do not reveal the cost of the alterations over the phone because they need to see it physically to determine the amount of work needed. With regards to costs, there are a few unscrupulous wedding shops that knowingly order the wrong size. To prevent this, ensure that the bridal boutique has your correct measurements, and get the order in writing with the size included in the description.

It may be easier to buy a wedding dress online but be aware that not all the labels display similar sizes. The best you can do in this case is to ask for specific measurements for bust, waist, length and don’t forget bodice length as we are all different!

Booking an appointment:

Many, if not all wedding dress fitting shops require appointments for alterations to avoid having a surge of brides in one day. Considering this, avoid going in on weekends or days when the tailor may be busy with other customers.

While your lunch hour or a Friday evening may not seem like an ideal time for wedding dress fitting, you may have to make the sacrifice. On that note, do not schedule an alteration appointment right after the gym for obvious reasons!

Speaking of odor, (we were weren’t we!), be careful wearing perfume as this scent can linger on your gown and this may not be your choice of perfume on your special day. cigarettes and garlic are not the best scents either…

Last but equally important, buy your accessories before you go in for alterations. Even though you may feel the foundation garments do not play an important role in the fitting process, they most definitely affect the way the dress fits on your figure.

It will be hard to determine the exact size of your wedding dress unless the tailor is able to take measurements with you wearing the same shoes and undergarments of the wedding day. One stop bridal stores are a recommended solution as you are bound to find the perfect accessories for your wedding dress all under one roof.


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