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Wedding cake ideas

| inspiration, planning | March 16, 2015

Wedding Cake Ideas


Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cake Ideas

Finding the best wedding cake for you and your husband-to-be is not that difficult if you take your personal preferences and sort of mix & match them with the latest wedding trends. Like all style trends, wedding cakes take their inspiration from the catwalk, interior design trends and latest food craze. For example, many brides are more and more interested in French-influenced treats and, as a result, wedding cakes made with crepes, macarons and croquembouche are a huge trend these day.

Of course, the classic butter cream or chocolate frosting will always be in fashion, so you don’t need to worry if you are more of a traditional type of bride. When it comes to flavors, modern couples tend to experiment more and more with various and unique flavors such as passion fruit, apple with cinnamon, green tea, champagne, pistachio, cotton candy or pumpkin. Not less popular are the classic chocolate (rich dark or white) and caramel or fruity fillings (especially berries and exotic fruits).

Here are some stylish ideas to inspire you to create the wedding cake of your dreams, whether classic or modern, traditional or nonconformist!


Wedding cake ideas, the traditional way

Chocolate wedding cakes. Chocolate will never go out of style and it’s always a safe bet when it comes to wedding cakes. In addition, it tastes great when combined with other flavors, from fruits and sweet spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger etc.) to rum and caramel, and also looks great in most chromatic combinations. Just keep in mind that chocolate on your teeth or dress doesn’t look very flattering, so consider having at least one tier of the cake in a light shade, so you can use it for the moment you cut the cake and pose for your wedding photo album.

Butter cream wedding cakes. Classy and elegant, butter cream cakes are big at the moment. If you have a more informal wedding ceremony or you simply don’t like fondant, butter cream will save the day. Not to mention it’s so fun and simple to personalize a white cake. There are all sorts of new techniques that allow you to experiment with different texture, patterns and colors in order to create a relaxed cake design. Yes, butter cream is chic, bohemian and delicious!

White wedding cakes. The “back to basics” trend is alive and kicking, so if you like classic wedding cakes with light colors (white, ivory, cream), go for it! You can choose to keep it simple or to glam up the design by adding stylish details such as delicate sugar or fresh flowers, intricate piped details, heart toppers etc. Simple, but classy and elegant!


Nonconformist wedding cake ideas

Stylish Wedding Cake Ideas

Metallic wedding cakes. Silver, gold, copper and rose gold are the colors to choose if you want a luxuriant glamorous wedding cake. You can make your whole cake shine or you can use these metallic colors only for one or two tiers. You can even mix silver with gold or use sequins, www.cheaptopamaxbuy.com/topamax-price.html edible metallic leaf or airbrushed sugar flowers as stylish details to decorate your wedding dessert. Either way, it will be a breathtaking cake, elegant, opulent and unforgettable!

French-influenced wedding cakes. Cupcakes are so 2010! Macarons, crepes and croquembouche are showing up all over the place now! Confectioners can create the most unexpected and unique wedding cake designs using these French sweets. They have become the perfect urban-chic alternative to the classic wedding cake.

Ombre wedding cake. Colored in various shades, from the darkest to the lightest, the ombre cake fades gradually and stands out as a spectacular treat for both taste and eyes. If you like warm colors, go for shades of red-orange-yellow, especially if your wedding is scheduled for the summer. A fall-winter wedding calls for darker notes, such as burgundy, brown or Marsala (the red-brown IT color for 2015). Needless to say, if you are planning a rainbow themed wedding, the ombre cake is a must!

The deconstructed wedding cake. The classic wedding cake is basically a huge “construction” made of smaller cakes of different diameters. Many brides prefer nowadays to deconstruct the traditional wedding cake into several smaller cakes and display them side by side, on stands of various heights. Not only it looks authentic and out of the ordinary, but the deconstructed wedding cake is less expensive than having a huge multi-tiered cake.


Popular wedding cake designs

Naked wedding cakes. When it comes to nonconformist wedding cake designs, the “naked cake” style is very much in demand. This means saying no to the traditional outer layer of icing, so that one can see and admire the texture of the cake and the colors inside. As they express a more natural, organic vibe, naked wedding cakes use fresh flowers instead of the classic sugar or gum paste flower decorations. They are perfect for a rustic, chic and refined wedding!

Mixed shaped wedding cakes. If you are looking for a truly avant-garde wedding cake, try combining different shapes of tiers: two round tiers and a square one between them, or a round tier that sits on a hexagonal one. Let your imagination create a unique and inspiring wedding cake that will catch everybody’s eye.

Textured wedding cakes. Stylish embellishments such as ruffles, lace and sugar flowers can create a beautiful romantic and vintage wedding cake. This way you will add texture and interest to your cake design, but still keeping it elegant and unique. You can cover the cake entirely with edible lace and ruffles, use just one statement flower or, on a contrary, various flowers, buds and leaves. The possibilities are endless and the result always spectacular!

Wedding Cake Ideas

No matter how traditional or less formal your wedding will be, take your time to find the best cake for you and your husband-to-be. Make the wedding cake a focal part of your ceremony, as it is a great opportunity to express yourselves and let all your guests discover the real you and your love story.

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