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Unique Wedding Ideas for your special day

| inspiration, planning | October 8, 2014

How to create Some Unique Wedding Ideas

You’ve probably attended tons of weddings, and definitely don’t want yours to sing the same conventional tune, so how do you make it special and create everlasting memories for you and your guests? The day you say “I Do” is one of the most exciting days of your life, so rather than planning your wedding day by taking the traditional route or in line with family expectations and parental pressure, why not get more involved with the little details and customize the occasion to your needs? Unique Wedding ideas get easy when you reflect on your unique qualities. Here are a few expert tips that will make your event reflective of your personality, and create a buzz for years to come. Choosing the Perfect Venue: Whether you envision a beach bash or a chapel style ceremony, your wedding venue is probably the most significant aspect to consider (after your wedding dress of course). Although the right location is the one you feel comfortable with, there are several other elements that collectively make it special. Whether you’re anticipating a handful of guests or a Broadway worthy audience, the space in the venue must provide enough elbow room for each guest. Wedding venues tend to look enormous when empty generally at the time of booking, until they’re set up with the DJ equipment, bar, band, dance floor, tables and chairs. Even if you desire an outdoor wedding venue, you will pharmacy no prescription need ample room on the arboretum, poolside or lawn. Take a peak at the space of a wedding venue with an equivalent size guest list to gauge if the location fits the bill. Make it inspiring, special and unique through décor, lightning and planning. Simply visualize the vibe, theme or flow you wish to have and select a wedding venue that fits. Choosing the Best Wedding Music: Believe it or not, your wedding day music has the potential to set the entire tone for your big day so it is important to choose it wisely. If you’ve opted for a themed wedding, you will probably be in good hands with wedding music that goes along with it, but time honored classics are ideal for traditional ceremonies. If you’re getting married in a church or religious style wedding, you may want to tailor your wedding music selection accordingly. It is also important to consider the way sound is streamed through the venue, where some musical instruments may echo in large, indoor environments, and vocal music may be hard to understand in indoor settings. Another aspect to consider when selecting wedding music is the number of songs for the entire event. You will need music when your guests arrive, music for the entrance of the bride and other special moments during the ceremony, which can all be mixed and matched in harmony.    Planning your Wedding Menu: This may seem pretty straightforward, but is trickier than you think. While most brides and grooms leave this part entirely up to wedding caterers, you will need to be equally involved if you want to make your wedding day special. Although having a tasting session with all the food on the menu of your big day is one of the perks of wedding planning, it is important to think beyond the plates, and have the cuisine reflect your personalities (Bride and Groom). Keep in mind that just like you, your guests are going to be bedecked in the finest jewelry and attire, and the last thing  you want is Grandpa Joe slopping marinara sauce all over aunt Joanne’s silk dress or better yet uncle Tom discreetly quibbling about how the teriyaki chicken tastes like rubber hockey pucks. It may be best to scratch messy linguine off the appetizer menu replaced with dishes like tortellini, ravioli or penne. When your coming up with your unique wedding ideas, remember the food isn’t the place to get to original. Your guests are going to be more comfortable with food they understand! Watch the sauces especially those that stain when serving Butlered Hors D’Oeuvres. Sauces can however be on the side or taken off the appetizer menu, and made part of the main buffet. With regards to the main dish, avoid foods that easily overcook such as tuna, and opt for a few grilled items.

unique wedding ideas

image by www.weddingomania.com

Don’t Cut Costs with the Wedding Photographer: When your big day is all said and done, you’re wedding photographs make it easy to reminiscent the grand and fond memories of the event.  This is why it is important to commission a photographer who understands your personalities and someone you click with. To make the task of hiring a wedding photographer easier, make a list of your ideas and styles of shots you are looking for. You need to be in tune with your photographer if you’d like to them to capture your emotions and personalities. Brides often overlook the ceremony itself when trying to make their wedding day stand out from the rest. Whether you’re getting married on the Grand Canal in Venice or simply walking down the aisle of your local chapel, remember that everyone is there for you, so feel free to do things a bit differently.  They will love seeing your personal stamp on this special day.

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