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So what are the best wedding shoes

| inspiration, planning, tips | September 24, 2014

Wedding Shoes to make your day perfect.

After your wedding gown, your wedding shoes are the next most important aspect on your to-do list for your outfit and can quite honestly make or break your big day. Being crippled by the end of the service is not a good plan!! Just like buying the perfect wedding dress, you’ll want patience when selecting wedding shoes or else you will end up with a pair that is painful, unflattering and extremely uncomfortable. But by following the wedding shoe tips below you will definitely accentuate your style, dance the night away and most importantly keep your shoes happy.

Wedding shoes are just like any other product, they look good on the shelves, but are they going to have the effect on your feet? Keep in mind that you not only have to walk down the aisle in them, but also stand for photographs, dance in them and even walk around for hours after. The last thing you want is to wobble around in those skyscraper heels or get your dress caught up in one of them. As a solution, it is recommended that you get acquainted with your wedding shoes and the best way to start is by wearing them in.   The easiest and discreet way of doing this is by carrying them to work and slipping them on under your desk, and repeating the process for at least a week before your big day.

Even though your wedding shoes must not disappoint your feet, you don’t have to compromise on style. That said, you might want to consider choosing wedding shoes that you will cherish for years to come, and a pair that you can wear for future occasions. You don’t have to opt for white wedding shoes to match the color of your wedding dress, you can choose bright pop colors. It’s all the rage at the moment to have fun shoes peeking out from under that stunning gown! High heels for your  wedding shoes are not your only option and if you’ve never worn them before, skip them for your own safety. The last thing you want is to trip in them owing to the added height.

The most important thing is to choose wedding shoes that suit your personal style, and if sneakers, cowboy boots and sandals make you feel comfortable, got with it and enjoy. I know a girl that had the most fabulous wedding gown and as they were married at a ranch in Montana she had the coolest cowboy boots on…. Worked perfectly! cowboy boots wedding shoes

Brides often shop for wedding shoes a few days prior to their wedding day when the right www.mentalhealthupdate.com/celexa.html time to buy them is a few months prior or with the wedding dress itself. Buying both the dress and shoes simultaneously will ensure they suit each other to avoid any hiccups at the last moment.  As a reminder (if you need one), you will need to take your wedding shoes to dress fitting sessions because shoe height play a crucial role towards determining the length of the dress.

With regards to cost of wedding shoes, fact is that they can be downright expensive so it is important to shop around especially if you’re buying them separately from other wedding accessories. Besides, if your wedding dress is long enough to completely cover your shoes, there’s no point spending a ton of money on something no one will notice. When you do locate a perfect pair, compare prices with other retailers to get the best deal. When ordering wedding shoes online, take note of the merchants return policy and lookout for coupon codes for added discounts.

It is recommended that you keep an extra pair of wedding shoes handy because heels can break or you may choose to wear heels for the main event and flats for the dancing. If you do decide to get matching shoes for your dress, use material swatches to compare your shoes and dress and pick a color that relates to the color of your dress, and not one that becomes a showstopper for the wrong reasons. Shoes that are appointed with embellishments may damage the fabric of your dress especially if it too long so try to keep the décor to a minimum. Contrarily, if your dress is short and wedding shoes are evident, a bit of fancy sparkle is all you need to complete the attire.

If you’re having trouble finding the right color wedding shoes to match your wedding dress, dyable wedding shoes is an avenue to explore. These types of shoes can be dyed in several colors to match the color of your wedding dress. So if you bought your wedding dress a few months prior to your wedding, you can simply dye these shoes to match it. Adding to this, dyable shoes are crafted from fabric, making them reusable for any future occasion. For example if you have a satin blue wedding dress and can’t locate blue wedding shoes, dyable shoes are a perfect solution.   blue wedding shoes

Lastly, don’t forget to treat your feet your feet to a pedicure before your wedding day. Slipping your feet into your wedding shoes with neat cuticles, soft skin and polished nails will help you feel refreshed, relaxed and special.

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    Wedding Shoes to make your day perfect. After your wedding gown, your wedding shoes are the next most important aspect on your to-do list for your outfit and c...


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