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How to Sell your Used Wedding Dresses?

| planning, Resource, Uncategorized | July 30, 2014

How to Sell  Used Wedding Dresses?

After your big day is over, you’ll definitely be left with a few memories, which may include a slice of cake for your freezer, but hopefully not a yellowing wedding dress in the recesses of your closet.

Selling used wedding dresses is becoming increasingly popular inspired mostly by financial gain, and this blog post will serve as a guide to why and where to sell a pre-loved wedding dress.

sell your used wedding dresses
Most women spend years fantasizing about the perfect wedding dress, and not to mention the time spent perfecting it for the big day. If you’re of the sentimental type, you may not want to part with your wedding dress, but here are a few great reasons to get you over the fence….
Selling a pre-owned wedding dress will help you recoup some cash spent on your wedding, which can be put towards a down payment on a house, savings or even a vacation. Furthermore, you will also be helping a lucky bride find a bargain on a beautiful wedding dress, and freeing up some of your wardrobe space at the same time when you part with your used wedding dress.
Now that you’re all set to pass your good luck on by selling your wedding dress, there are several ways to go about it.

Before you do however, you should make sure that the dress is professionally cleaned and preserved properly.

The two most common avenues to sell a pre-owned wedding dress are brick and mortar consignment shops and online sites such as secondhandweddingdresses.com, but the latter is a popular choice for several reasons:
Consignment shops are similar to a second hand store, where you have to leave your used wedding dress and wait for it to sell. Owing to the poor traffic they receive, this may take a month, a couple years or never sell at all. Adding to this, people looking for used wedding dresses are seeking a cheap bargain so the chances of even scoring 25% of what you originally paid are slim to none.
You will also have to consider the safety of your dress while it’s waiting to be sold because 9 out of 10 used wedding dress stores will not claim responsibility in case of wear and tear.

Needless to say, the time wasted in physically topamax online taking a pre owned wedding dress around town until you find the right consignment store.
There is an array of choices when selling your wedding dress online, but the two big names are preownedweddingdresses.com and secondhandwedding dresses.com. These sites offer several tools to help you get the best deal starting with a wedding dress value calculator. This calculator estimates your gowns worth based on the date purchased, label, price paid and several other factors such as whether or not the dress was cleaned.
These sites have a rather practical and simple approach to selling used wedding dresses, and do not charge a percentage from the sale of your wedding gown. There is however a small fee for the listing that allows you to showcase your dress to women in the United States on the site until it’s sold. Although delivery charges are not included in the listing cost, these sites do offer several tips on safe and secure shipping.
These pre-owned wedding dresses online sites offer a non frills approach to giving your gown a second life. Moreover, they are frequented by literally thousands of “going to be brides” in search of the perfect wedding dress at the right price. You simply need to complete the registration process which entails providing your email address, choosing a user name and password and confirming it.
The next step is listing your wedding dress, and key is to be as descriptive as possible and upload high quality authentic photos. You loved the dress at one point and probably still do, so why not share these experiences with the world. You can also visit their blog for tips on optimizing your advertisement to make it more appealing to buyers.
Once you’ve successfully posted your listing, you pay for the listing and can also feature your advertisement for an extra fee. That’s it, after your payment is processed, you just need to relax and wait for a buyer to contact you through the secure contact form.

Secondhandweddingdresses.com makes your listing go viral on social media sites such as  Facebook and Pinterest so all the leg work is taken care off.
When you’re selling a used wedding dress, you will be spoilt for choice and the options listed above are reputable and definitely worth exploring.

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