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A Guide to Buying a Corset Wedding Dress

| inspiration, planning, tips | October 1, 2014

Is a Corset Wedding Dress for you?

Corset wedding dresses have recently received a surge of appeal, and if you fancy wearing one on your big day, this guide will help you get the perfect fit. Corset wedding dresses provide the most benefits compared to other wedding dress styles, but they can either offer the perfect fit or cause damage to brides wearing it! These types of wedding dresses have tons of boning, sometimes as much as 15-20 pieces of boning in the seams of designer corset wedding dresses. This not only helps enhance the shape of the gown, but helps to shape you.

With a corset wedding dress, future brides can save between $50 to $100 on strapless bras since corset gowns are designed to hold everything so perfectly in place. However a corset wedding dress may or may not be accompanied with a modesty panel, where some bridal designers included it with the dress, and others make it an optional accessory. Some modesty panels are sewn into the dress, and can be removed as and when you feel the need to do so.

The lacing of a corset wedding dress can be an inch wide or as narrow as a shoestring, where the latter reveals more of the skin underneath and helps you see more of the modesty panel. Contrarily, wide lacing allows you to tighten the lacing for maximum shaping and also covers more of the body, where the laces are streamed through metal grommets or fabric loops.

There are two primary functions of a corset wedding dress – holding your bust in place, and tucking your waist in. It achieves both with every pull and tightening of the strings, but it is important that this action does not hurt nor obstruct your breathing. Lacing up a corset wedding dress has the potential to accentuate hourglass figures, but should not compromise your comfort and safety in the bargain.

There are several ways to determine if your corset dress fits properly starting with your breathing. If you’re having trouble breathing when tucked into your corset wedding dress, you will need to loosen the ties and re-buckle them. Also check, if you can comfortably bend forward, but your cleavage shows more than you would like when you do so, you may want to get someone pharmacy online uk from your entourage to give the laces a tug for a better fit.

When the strings of the corset wedding dress are tugged in, your bust is simultaneously pushed up. Pulling in the strings may also accentuate your cleavage depending on the neckline of your corset wedding dress. For enhanced cleavage, plunging sweetheart necklines and sweetheart wedding dresses will give you the best outcome.

corset wedding dress



It is important to take into account the compatibility of the corset wedding dress with the neckline and ensure it is able to provide you with the best silhouette. This of course should be considered before buying a corset wedding dress.


What is the best way to lace up corset wedding dresses? When you try on your corset wedding dress for the first time, ensure that the laces start from the top to the bottom. The easiest way is to slip the gown over your head, while protecting your makeup and hairdo. If the corset wedding dress doesn’t fit easily from over your head, try stepping into it.

The best way to achieve the perfect fit with a corset dress is to lace up half the dress and start tightening from there. Reason being that if you do lace up the whole corset wedding dress, you will increase your efforts as the more you tug, the strings at the bottom will gradually come apart. Once you have everything in place, give each row an extra pull to ensure they are slotted in perfectly.

Corset wedding dresses are available online and at the best prices from pre-loved or preowned wedding dress sites. But if you must have a brand new gown from the start, here are some corset wedding dress designers to consider.

Vera Wang: A former figure skater turned fashion designer, Vera Wang is one of the biggest names in the bridal industry. She is popular for her intriguing corset wedding dress designs and also haute couture bridesmaid gowns. Her designs have been appreciated by several celebrities and big wigs including Victoria Beckham, Chelsea Clinton, Alicia Keys, Jenifer Lopez, Uma Thurman and Kim Kardashian.


Vera Wang corset wedding dress

Angel Sanchez: With roots in Venezuela, Angel Sanchez is pronounced for her fashion forward perspective that always seems to impress fashion buffs. If you’re looking for a great corset wedding dress, her collections are worth exploring.



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