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Getting married, where’s best?

| inspiration, planning, tips | April 6, 2015

getting married

The Ten Best Places if your getting married in the US

So your getting married and you don’t want your guests to simply drive downtown for your ceremony. Or maybe you’re just the type who likes to plan ahead for that special someone. Either way the venue is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. If a hometown wedding isn’t your ideal spot and you want something unique there are many hot spots across the US for newly weds to say their “I do’s”. Don’t settle for anything less than absolute magic when it comes to picking the spot to join your future with the love of your life.

Here are the top 10 places in the US to get married that are as beautiful as your love.


Napa Valley, California

If classy wine tastings and shaded orchard walks sound like your kind of romantic, Nappa Valley is the perfect spot. Home to the Calistoga Ranch in Upper Napa Valley, a cozy log cabin resort lies nestled in the forest. The “Paris of California” doesn’t fall short in romance or outdoor beauty. Wine lovers can’t miss this iconic stop on their travelling bucket list so why not kill two birds with one stone and make it the wedding venue? Your wine loving guests will be more than happy to fly in to taste the fermented magic that is California’s wine land.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts

What would a “best places for getting married” list be without the popular yacht and garden region of Cape Cod? Serve your guests some of the best clam chowder in the nation and have a sophisticated yet simple feeling to your venue. Check out the art scene at Provincetown or experience the full flavor of the salty dog café. Either way this gorgeous east coast spot is one you will want to return to again after the honeymoon is over.


Las Vegas, Nevada

What is a list of US venues without the “city of sins” itself? If you want your guests to have a great time with memories they may forget but a trip they never will, Vegas takes the cake. A city filled with casinos, people watching and a diversity of food that will leave even the most experienced tasters drooling. If you and your spouse like to party there’s nothing wrong with being cliché and getting hitched in Vegas. Anyone who knocks it, obviously never got married in the wild, bustling whirl that makes up this unforgettable city.


Florida Keys, Florida

There are many small islands to choose from here but all of them offer that secluded, wild “out of the country” feel while still being on US soil. It’s easy to get swept up in the natural beaches, reefs and sand for your “big day”. Have that beach wedding without the hustle and bustle of the big Florida cities and crowded shorelines of the mainland. Explore the small town feel of local fishing villages in Marathon to nicer hotels in Key West all within a short drive from each other. There are many aspects to the Keys that you can’t find anywhere else without leaving the country. Skip the pricey overseas air fares while order cipro keeping the same exotic feel for a fraction of the price and this could be your perfect place to get married.


Bar Harbor, Maine

If you imagine getting married in a beautiful traditional environment, look no further….Known for it’s rugged east coast cliffs, Maine is the place to go for that casual walk on the beach without the scorching sun. Don’t leave the comfort of the city or give up the seafood menu in Bar Harbor. Chow down on buttered lobster tails and succulent roasted shrimp before visiting the many surrounding art museums. If you would trade cultured evenings for adventure, Acadia National Park is close by with 35,000 acres of lush forestry and animals.


Tucson, Arizona

If you want a city immersed equally in historical culture as outdoor beauty you won’t find a more enticing bet than Tucson, Arizona. Western influence meets Native American flair in this steamy little city. Be sure to check out Saguaro National Park to appreciate all the desert has to offer. Take the tram to see Sabino Canyon and experience the full flavor of desert flora and fauna.


Maui, Hawaii

This is the postcard wedding we’ve all dreamed of after seeing some pamphlet or another. It doesn’t get much better than the iridescent teal waters, volcanoes and white beaches of Hawaii. Kayak in forgotten canals, swim with dolphins or ride in a helicopter over volcanoes. Whatever your tropical heart desires to do in Maui, it can be done. Don’t forget your lei with your wedding dress and maybe a Pina Colada!

getting married

Door County, Wisconsin

While Wisconsin may not be the first state on your list if your getting married, Door County has much to offer. A sleepy little lakeside town with cherry orchards and fresh fish in abundance is the best kept secret nestled into snowy Wisconsin. Beautiful in the summer and fall, this is a great homey venue for weddings in the warmer months. It has that magical fairy village feel often-called the “Cape Cod” of the Midwest. With one of a kind local food and permanent sleepy fog, Door County is a gem in the snow.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you’ve seen Colorado Springs in the winter you know of the powerful snowy beauty that the state is known for. However, you may be missing the summer variety that is even more breathtaking. A hub of artistic culture and bubbling city growth the mountainous surroundings are not far from the main areas. Rarely in US cities do wilderness and city cultures coexist so peacefully and at such close proximity to one another. Experience the best of both worlds and make getting married the most amazing experience of your life!

getting married


Walloon Lake, Michigan

This crystal clear lake is a man made beauty nestled in sand so white it makes native southern beaches squirm with envy. They say nothing beats a Michigan summer night sky and when you see more stars then you can count reflected in the calm, warm waters you will definitely agree. Hemingway didn’t set his vacation home on the shore here for nothing. If a freshwater venue with gorgeous orange sunsets is somewhere you’ve dreamed of getting married, look no further than this.



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