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Sell my Wedding Dress

| inspiration, Resource, tips | March 2, 2017

Why Should I sell my wedding dress

Why should I sell my wedding dress?

After the excitement and whirlwind of their wedding, Brides will often find themselves asking one question, “Should I sell my wedding dress?”

Before the wedding day, it was such a simple decision. I’m sure you’ve even heard yourself say out loud “Well, it’s expensive but I’m going to be getting half back so it’s basically a bargain!” This was before you wore it on the day of course, and now it has so much more meaning than it did when you were trying it on in the store!

For some people, wedding dresses, like many important pieces of clothing hold a special meaning to us. This often makes letting go all that much harder. Selling your wedding dress doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though! There are a number of positives, both emotional and practical to selling your wedding dress.

Fashion styles change quickly

Back in the day, it was common for mothers to save their wedding dresses for their daughters to wear on their own big day. This seemed to work as the fashion trends tended to stay within the same style. These days, fashion trends are lightning fast. Blink and it’s a new season with a new collection of fabrics, lengths, and patterns.

If you don’t believe me, just check out this Video!

Often the main reason for handing down dresses was that resources were not as readily available as they are now. These days, wedding dresses range anywhere from $100 to $20,000 and everything else in between. Styles also vary significantly, so every bride is able to find their own personal style.

These changes in fashion trends are likely to continue. Not to mention every girl is different in height, weight and skin tone, so what looks good on you might not be as flattering on your daughter!

Getting your money back

One of the main buy flomax 0.2mg benefits of selling your wedding dress is, of course, the money you get back. Wouldn’t it be great to get to wear your dream dress on the day and have all those wonderful photos and videos as memories while not being too far out of pocket!
When you ask yourself, “shall I sell my Wedding Dress” remember it is a great way to start your new marriage in the green and maybe buy yourself and your partner something special for your new life together! You could even create a Pinterest board to get some ideas on how you could spend that cash once your dress is sold!

selling my wedding dress

Green is the new white

One benefit to selling your wedding dress that you might not have thought about is the environmental impact. By passing your dress on to another bride to wear on their day, you are eliminating the need for another dress to be produced. Clothing production is so cheap these days it can actually have a significant effect on the environment.

These damaging effects are due to large amounts of water being used, warehouses that produce pollution, as well as the potential for the work environment to be less than stellar for the people working in them. By selling your dress you are giving it another day in the sun, without causing harm to the environment, talk about a win-win!

Now that your big day is over and you have those wonderful memories, you may still seriously be asking yourself “Why should I sell my wedding dress?” Although this can be a difficult choice to make, there are so many benefits. From getting your money back to helping the environment, selling your dress can be a fantastic decision to make for yourself, and your future. If you’re ready to sell your dress here is an easy way to list it!


what I can do once I sell my wedding dress

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wedding invitation wording

| inspiration, planning, tips | April 20, 2015

wedding invitation wording

Creating your perfect wedding invitation wording

Creating your wedding invitation wording can seem to be more stressful than anything else in the planning stage. You want to sound formal without seeming like a Renaissance reenactment and cordial without being long winded. It seems like the simplest part of the entire wedding, but often it isn’t. Politeness is key and in one small card, you need to make sure you thank everyone, especially the people financing the wedding and write something that will really make your guests want to come.



Here are some tips to keeping your wedding invitation wording simple and direct.


Don’t be overly eloquent

The biggest mistake on most couple’s wedding invitation is it’s too wordy. Remember your guests want to know when, where and how much booze, food, and entertainment is present not your entire love’s history in under 180 characters. While it is the most romantic day of your life, remember not to bore your guests from the get-go with a Shakespearean sonnet before you’ve even lured them to the service. Save the love sonnets for the altar or the bedroom and tell them what matters, where to go. Keep it short and sweet; remember they’ll keep the card for the information, not the beautiful quotes. And if you want to refrain from answering a million questions on where exactly the venue is and who they can bring for the hundredth time, make sure the most detailed part of the card is the where and when section.


Keep to the basics of the invite

What you need to include in your wedding invite, honestly, isn’t that much. Simply make sure to include you and your partner’s names, the host’s names (most often your parents), when, where, an inviting line and a call to action. This is important, don’t forget to tell guests to RSVP in your call to action and set up a wedding website (can be done for free) or a traditional phone call/ mailed acceptance etc. If your wedding is going to be out of the city… don’t just put “Where: New York City”, that’s like personally inviting your guests to frantically call you with a million questions about where the ceremony actually is. Even though it’s not eye-catching to put a chunky address in the middle of your wedding card, it’s important. If you want the guests to bring the invite to the ceremony to get in… better put that on the car or poor Aunt Susie will be left in the rain.


Traditionally, the bride’s name is put first and not the grooms but these days that isn’t important enough to worry about. If putting both www.ourhealthissues.com/product/wellbutrin/ your family’s names on the card is too much space you can start your invitation off with a simple “Together with their families,” and then continue with your own names and the invite.


Personalize it but not too much

You know better than anyone else what kind of couple the two of you are. If you are the type that loves to get drinks with the crew and take on the town, don’t have a wedding invitation that begins “Salutations.” Stay true to who the two of you are and don’t make the invite more complex then it needs to be. Imagine yourself reading that card as if it came from someone like your first college roommate. If you’re reading it and thinking their announcement sounds weird, grossly sappy or just plain “uppity,” you might want to rethink your wedding invitation wording.


In the scheme of things, it doesn’t matter if your wedding invitation wording says “join us for a glorious molding of souls” or “Diana and James finally tied the knot”. How casual or fancy your wedding is, is completely up to the two of you. It would seem odd to get an incredibly sophisticated wedding card for a barn wedding or a casual mustache themed invitation at the finest hotel in the city. Keep in mind the venue and your personalities when personalizing the cards.

personalized wedding invitation wording


Have a minimalist invitation format

This is the hardest one for me as a person who loves patterns and colors. Have you ever looked at a billboard so intensely colorful you didn’t even read what company it was for? That’s how your wedding invitation could be if you don’t keep it easy on the eye and as minimalist as you can stand. I’m not advising a purely black and white format but maybe keep the crazy colors away from the text or have a white background with a central image at the card’s focal point.


Get inspiration

And finally, get inspiration from other sources than the local wedding shop’s bridal catalog. Remember humans have been getting married since the dawn of time and every type of invitation dream you have has probably been created before. Don’t be afraid to “borrow” formatting ideas from online and check Pinterest and wedding forums for cute ideas.

Don’t sweat the small things. While today your wedding invitation wording may seem like the biggest decision you’ve ever made, remember the real big decision was deciding to join your lives together. Enjoy every minute of the process and keep in mind it’s supposed to draw you together not pull you apart. Kiss a lot, make typos often, and have a ball on your “big day”.

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Getting married, where’s best?

| inspiration, planning, tips | April 6, 2015

getting married

The Ten Best Places if your getting married in the US

So your getting married and you don’t want your guests to simply drive downtown for your ceremony. Or maybe you’re just the type who likes to plan ahead for that special someone. Either way the venue is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. If a hometown wedding isn’t your ideal spot and you want something unique there are many hot spots across the US for newly weds to say their “I do’s”. Don’t settle for anything less than absolute magic when it comes to picking the spot to join your future with the love of your life.

Here are the top 10 places in the US to get married that are as beautiful as your love.


Napa Valley, California

If classy wine tastings and shaded orchard walks sound like your kind of romantic, Nappa Valley is the perfect spot. Home to the Calistoga Ranch in Upper Napa Valley, a cozy log cabin resort lies nestled in the forest. The “Paris of California” doesn’t fall short in romance or outdoor beauty. Wine lovers can’t miss this iconic stop on their travelling bucket list so why not kill two birds with one stone and make it the wedding venue? Your wine loving guests will be more than happy to fly in to taste the fermented magic that is California’s wine land.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts

What would a “best places for getting married” list be without the popular yacht and garden region of Cape Cod? Serve your guests some of the best clam chowder in the nation and have a sophisticated yet simple feeling to your venue. Check out the art scene at Provincetown or experience the full flavor of the salty dog café. Either way this gorgeous east coast spot is one you will want to return to again after the honeymoon is over.


Las Vegas, Nevada

What is a list of US venues without the “city of sins” itself? If you want your guests to have a great time with memories they may forget but a trip they never will, Vegas takes the cake. A city filled with casinos, people watching and a diversity of food that will leave even the most experienced tasters drooling. If you and your spouse like to party there’s nothing wrong with being cliché and getting hitched in Vegas. Anyone who knocks it, obviously never got married in the wild, bustling whirl that makes up this unforgettable city.


Florida Keys, Florida

There are many small islands to choose from here but all of them offer that secluded, wild “out of the country” feel while still being on US soil. It’s easy to get swept up in the natural beaches, reefs and sand for your “big day”. Have that beach wedding without the hustle and bustle of the big Florida cities and crowded shorelines of the mainland. Explore the small town feel of local fishing villages in Marathon to nicer hotels in Key West all within a short drive from each other. There are many aspects to the Keys that you can’t find anywhere else without leaving the country. Skip the pricey overseas air fares while order cipro keeping the same exotic feel for a fraction of the price and this could be your perfect place to get married.


Bar Harbor, Maine

If you imagine getting married in a beautiful traditional environment, look no further….Known for it’s rugged east coast cliffs, Maine is the place to go for that casual walk on the beach without the scorching sun. Don’t leave the comfort of the city or give up the seafood menu in Bar Harbor. Chow down on buttered lobster tails and succulent roasted shrimp before visiting the many surrounding art museums. If you would trade cultured evenings for adventure, Acadia National Park is close by with 35,000 acres of lush forestry and animals.


Tucson, Arizona

If you want a city immersed equally in historical culture as outdoor beauty you won’t find a more enticing bet than Tucson, Arizona. Western influence meets Native American flair in this steamy little city. Be sure to check out Saguaro National Park to appreciate all the desert has to offer. Take the tram to see Sabino Canyon and experience the full flavor of desert flora and fauna.


Maui, Hawaii

This is the postcard wedding we’ve all dreamed of after seeing some pamphlet or another. It doesn’t get much better than the iridescent teal waters, volcanoes and white beaches of Hawaii. Kayak in forgotten canals, swim with dolphins or ride in a helicopter over volcanoes. Whatever your tropical heart desires to do in Maui, it can be done. Don’t forget your lei with your wedding dress and maybe a Pina Colada!

getting married

Door County, Wisconsin

While Wisconsin may not be the first state on your list if your getting married, Door County has much to offer. A sleepy little lakeside town with cherry orchards and fresh fish in abundance is the best kept secret nestled into snowy Wisconsin. Beautiful in the summer and fall, this is a great homey venue for weddings in the warmer months. It has that magical fairy village feel often-called the “Cape Cod” of the Midwest. With one of a kind local food and permanent sleepy fog, Door County is a gem in the snow.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you’ve seen Colorado Springs in the winter you know of the powerful snowy beauty that the state is known for. However, you may be missing the summer variety that is even more breathtaking. A hub of artistic culture and bubbling city growth the mountainous surroundings are not far from the main areas. Rarely in US cities do wilderness and city cultures coexist so peacefully and at such close proximity to one another. Experience the best of both worlds and make getting married the most amazing experience of your life!

getting married


Walloon Lake, Michigan

This crystal clear lake is a man made beauty nestled in sand so white it makes native southern beaches squirm with envy. They say nothing beats a Michigan summer night sky and when you see more stars then you can count reflected in the calm, warm waters you will definitely agree. Hemingway didn’t set his vacation home on the shore here for nothing. If a freshwater venue with gorgeous orange sunsets is somewhere you’ve dreamed of getting married, look no further than this.



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Wedding cake ideas

| inspiration, planning | March 16, 2015

Wedding Cake Ideas


Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cake Ideas

Finding the best wedding cake for you and your husband-to-be is not that difficult if you take your personal preferences and sort of mix & match them with the latest wedding trends. Like all style trends, wedding cakes take their inspiration from the catwalk, interior design trends and latest food craze. For example, many brides are more and more interested in French-influenced treats and, as a result, wedding cakes made with crepes, macarons and croquembouche are a huge trend these day.

Of course, the classic butter cream or chocolate frosting will always be in fashion, so you don’t need to worry if you are more of a traditional type of bride. When it comes to flavors, modern couples tend to experiment more and more with various and unique flavors such as passion fruit, apple with cinnamon, green tea, champagne, pistachio, cotton candy or pumpkin. Not less popular are the classic chocolate (rich dark or white) and caramel or fruity fillings (especially berries and exotic fruits).

Here are some stylish ideas to inspire you to create the wedding cake of your dreams, whether classic or modern, traditional or nonconformist!


Wedding cake ideas, the traditional way

Chocolate wedding cakes. Chocolate will never go out of style and it’s always a safe bet when it comes to wedding cakes. In addition, it tastes great when combined with other flavors, from fruits and sweet spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger etc.) to rum and caramel, and also looks great in most chromatic combinations. Just keep in mind that chocolate on your teeth or dress doesn’t look very flattering, so consider having at least one tier of the cake in a light shade, so you can use it for the moment you cut the cake and pose for your wedding photo album.

Butter cream wedding cakes. Classy and elegant, butter cream cakes are big at the moment. If you have a more informal wedding ceremony or you simply don’t like fondant, butter cream will save the day. Not to mention it’s so fun and simple to personalize a white cake. There are all sorts of new techniques that allow you to experiment with different texture, patterns and colors in order to create a relaxed cake design. Yes, butter cream is chic, bohemian and delicious!

White wedding cakes. The “back to basics” trend is alive and kicking, so if you like classic wedding cakes with light colors (white, ivory, cream), go for it! You can choose to keep it simple or to glam up the design by adding stylish details such as delicate sugar or fresh flowers, intricate piped details, heart toppers etc. Simple, but classy and elegant!


Nonconformist wedding cake ideas

Stylish Wedding Cake Ideas

Metallic wedding cakes. Silver, gold, copper and rose gold are the colors to choose if you want a luxuriant glamorous wedding cake. You can make your whole cake shine or you can use these metallic colors only for one or two tiers. You can even mix silver with gold or use sequins, www.cheaptopamaxbuy.com/topamax-price.html edible metallic leaf or airbrushed sugar flowers as stylish details to decorate your wedding dessert. Either way, it will be a breathtaking cake, elegant, opulent and unforgettable!

French-influenced wedding cakes. Cupcakes are so 2010! Macarons, crepes and croquembouche are showing up all over the place now! Confectioners can create the most unexpected and unique wedding cake designs using these French sweets. They have become the perfect urban-chic alternative to the classic wedding cake.

Ombre wedding cake. Colored in various shades, from the darkest to the lightest, the ombre cake fades gradually and stands out as a spectacular treat for both taste and eyes. If you like warm colors, go for shades of red-orange-yellow, especially if your wedding is scheduled for the summer. A fall-winter wedding calls for darker notes, such as burgundy, brown or Marsala (the red-brown IT color for 2015). Needless to say, if you are planning a rainbow themed wedding, the ombre cake is a must!

The deconstructed wedding cake. The classic wedding cake is basically a huge “construction” made of smaller cakes of different diameters. Many brides prefer nowadays to deconstruct the traditional wedding cake into several smaller cakes and display them side by side, on stands of various heights. Not only it looks authentic and out of the ordinary, but the deconstructed wedding cake is less expensive than having a huge multi-tiered cake.


Popular wedding cake designs

Naked wedding cakes. When it comes to nonconformist wedding cake designs, the “naked cake” style is very much in demand. This means saying no to the traditional outer layer of icing, so that one can see and admire the texture of the cake and the colors inside. As they express a more natural, organic vibe, naked wedding cakes use fresh flowers instead of the classic sugar or gum paste flower decorations. They are perfect for a rustic, chic and refined wedding!

Mixed shaped wedding cakes. If you are looking for a truly avant-garde wedding cake, try combining different shapes of tiers: two round tiers and a square one between them, or a round tier that sits on a hexagonal one. Let your imagination create a unique and inspiring wedding cake that will catch everybody’s eye.

Textured wedding cakes. Stylish embellishments such as ruffles, lace and sugar flowers can create a beautiful romantic and vintage wedding cake. This way you will add texture and interest to your cake design, but still keeping it elegant and unique. You can cover the cake entirely with edible lace and ruffles, use just one statement flower or, on a contrary, various flowers, buds and leaves. The possibilities are endless and the result always spectacular!

Wedding Cake Ideas

No matter how traditional or less formal your wedding will be, take your time to find the best cake for you and your husband-to-be. Make the wedding cake a focal part of your ceremony, as it is a great opportunity to express yourselves and let all your guests discover the real you and your love story.

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Monique Lhuillier Bridal

| inspiration, planning, tips | November 5, 2014

Monique Lhuillier Bridal, Ultimate in Elegance

About Monique Lhuillier

Born in Cebu City Philippines, Monique Lhuillier is one of the most acclaimed American Bridal designers based out of Los Angeles, California. Today, the Monique Lhuillier bridal company is regarded as one of the leading fashion houses in terms of quality innovations and design. Her brand has evolved to be synonymous with unsurpassed glamour, allure and femininity, and is known to capture the essence of sophisticated luxury.

Lhuillier (pronounced LOO-lee-ay) debuted at the Fashion Week with her ready to wear line in 2003, and has garnered an impressive roster of clients including Tyra Banks, Jennifer Simpson, Angelina Jolie and even a wedding dress for Britney Spears. At the age of 15, Monique Lhuillier enrolled in a boarding school (Chateau Mont-Choisi) in Lausanne, Switzerland, and later pursued fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in New York City.

After graduating from the school of fashion design, Monique Lhuillier took up a job with esteemed sportswear maker Melivier, but left soon after as it did not satisfy her creative calling. Monique Lhuillier married Tom Bugbee in 1996, which is the same year she introduced her bridal collection. It all started when Lhuillier was shopping for her own wedding dress and was rather appalled at the excess of lace in most designs, junked up bodices and long sleeves.

After searching frantically, Monique Lhuillier did find the perfect wedding dress, but decides to design the 25 or so dresses for her entourage herself. Owing to the surge of appeal in Monique’s bridal designs, her husband quit his full time job as a retail consultant at Deloitte & Touche and decided to help Lhuillier with her business. Within a few years, Lhuillier introduced her evening wear collections that was an instant hit and attracted some of the most prestigious retailers in the country including Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

With wedding dresses retailing between $1500 and $10,000, today the Monique Lhuillier bridal fashion house grosses over $20 million per year, which includes Monique Lhuillier Waterford – a lineup of giftware, stemware and China. The bridal slice of her business is however Lhuillier’s core focus who sometimes even helps brides find the perfect wedding dress. Lhuillier recommends trying on a ton of silhouettes and taking less number of people along when bridal shopping as too many opinions simply confuse the issue.


Monique Lhuillier Bridal Range

Today, Monique Lhuillier bridal collections are available in over 140 stores worldwide and in three flagship stores in Beverley Hills, Minneapolis and most recently New York City. Her bridal collection dubbed Bliss www.flomaxbuyonline.com/flomax-price.html exemplifies classical feminism and modernism and caters to a broader group of women. To add to this, the Monique Lhuillier Bridal Bliss collection is appointed with distinct characteristics of her signature style including delicate embellishments, impeccable fabrication in organza and silk satin, fine laces and hand tufting.

Monique Lhuillier bridal and red carper designs have been adorned by some of the most prestigious names in Hollywood including Kristen Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Perry and Hilary Swank. The most notable highlight of her career would have to be Britney Spear’s stunning strapless wedding gown complete with pearl embellishments (buttons), woven with platinum thread and finished with a train covered in crystals. The way Lhuillier tells the story, she wasn’t made aware of Spear’s wedding date, and only knew of the wedding when she was contacted by the pops stars representatives during Fashion Week asking her to not only craft a wedding gown on short notice, but also dresses for her entire entourage.



Monique Lhuillier Awards and Recognition

Monique Lhuillier’s biggest accolade would have to be the Presidential Medal of Merit awarded by then Pilipino President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyoin a simple ceremony at the Malacañang Reception Hall. Furthermore Lhuillier is the only designer of Pilipino decent to have received the 2003 Avant Garde Bridal Designer award, 2001 Glamorous Bridal Designer Award and the Designer of the Year award by the international Dresses Magazine and Bridal Industry in 2003. In that same year, Lhuillier became one of the latest members of the prestigious CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America. Regarded as an A-List designer, Monique Lhuillier has been featured in several leading publications including Vanity Fair, Vogue, CNN, The Los Angeles Times and Time Magazine.

Monique Lhuillier Store

Monique Lhuillier has made a ton of money designing for brides, and today goes beyond the sating bridal gowns and Chantilly lace. Located in Upper East Side Manhattan, and just of Madison Avenue, Lhuillier’s 2 storey flagship store occupies a 19th century townhouse, and is an alluring showcase not just for the signature tabletop and bridal collections, but the furniture and artwork that grace the interiors. Unlike other stores on this ilk, Lhuillier encourages photography of her merchandise, and although you are free to inspect the wares, an appointment must be made to try on a wedding dress.

If you’re looking for a wedding dress, the Monique Lhuillier bridal collection is definitely worth exploring. Although priced on the steep side but worth every penny, you can also source authentic Monique Lhuillier bridal dresses at bargain prices at preowned wedding dress sites.



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Casual Wedding Dresses, What to Choose?

| inspiration, planning, Resource, tips | October 29, 2014

Casual Wedding Dresses are they for you?


Wedding dresses are available in a huge range of styles, designs and of course price tags. Generally, the more complicated the design, the more expensive the wedding dress. Casual wedding dresses are a great option for future brides on a budget as well as those looking for a more comfortable fit. These types of wedding dresses don’t have to be boring and simple, but there are many ways to achieve a stunning look whether you’re having a garden, park, beach or even a Vegas wedding.



More and more brides are staying away from the rigid tradition of wearing a white gown and opting for wedding dresses in a wide range of colors, fabrics and soft pastels. However, there are several aspects to consider when shopping for a casual wedding dress including material, shoes and accessories. Casual wedding dresses are generally crafted with lighter material and are only knee length. It is recommended that you opt for lighter fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, crepe or light satin for your casual wedding dress as they do not attract heat, and are lighter compared to a traditional satin wedding dress.

Another aspect to consider when shopping for a casual wedding dress is just how casual you’d like to go. Remember, if you’re planning a themed wedding, you will need a dress to match so it will have to be a  specific type.

For example, if you’re having an outdoor wedding event, you may want to go with a sundress or if it’s a beach wedding, a two piece strapless or halter top. With regards to the bottom, choose whatever style or hem length that best suits your body type.

Casual wedding dresses are a great choice for Western themes such as a large outdoor barbeque celebration, country themed wedding or a small back yard bash. If you’re looking for a casual wedding dress to blend with these types of wedding settings, choose dresses with more graceful summer designs. If your wedding theme is centered on animals such as dogs and cats, you can gain inspiration from your pets themselves or even popular Disney films.

Many brides skip the idea of wearing a traditional veil and opt for a shorter veil or even a headband when wearing a casual wedding dress. Regardless of the setting for your event, indoor or outdoor, the color of the dress must forhealthylives.com/product/klonopin/ complement your skin tone. Light ivory or white casual wedding dresses are best suited for brides who have fair skin with pink undertones, whereas a pure white casual wedding dress is a great choice for women with dark complexion.




Shoes and Accessories to Match Casual Wedding Dresses

Generally, brides wearing a casual dress for a beach wedding ceremony often go barefoot or for indoor and outdoor wedding venues choose dressy sandals or low heels. Barefoot sandals are the latest craze for casual bedecked brides, and are a great way to make a classy jewelry statement. If you’re going to wear a casual wedding dress, it is best to go easy and simple with the accessories, and avoid heavy embellishments. Take note that the accessories are meant to complement the casual wedding dress and not overshadow it. For example, wearing a tropical flower such as a hibiscus or orchid in your hair or simply carrying a bouquet with long white stem roses.


Casual Wedding Dress Styles

Blouson – Typically loose and floaty and crafted with fine or sheer fabric, blouson casual wedding dresses can be often had in feminine and delicate prints. There are also several vintage inspired blouson wedding dresses available, which showcase classic elegance combined with modern edge. Etsy has an extensive collections of blouson casual wedding dresses, some complete with lace neckline overlays.

Drop Waist – A Drop waist casual wedding dress has the potential to move your waist to your hip area with the help of either an upper loose or fitted bodice, generally with detailing on the skirt. This modern wedding dress style is a great choice for both classic and casual brides, and can be had in a myriad of fabrics and styles. You can find a few excellent drop waist wedding dresses at David Tutera for Mon Cheri.

Grecian – Grecian casual wedding dresses are designed to fit most body types, and usually are of floor length complete with detailing around the neckline and strap area. Grecian wedding dresses are best in smooth and silky fabric and look their finest when worn with flat sandals or bare feet and curled hair. Jim Couture boasts a stunning collection of Grecian wedding dresses, which are available in several sizes.

Regardless of the casual wedding style you choose, ensure it matches your personality and theme of the event, and something that you absolutely feel comfortable with!



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Do you want a Lace Wedding Dress?

| inspiration, planning, tips | October 22, 2014

How do I find the perfect Lace Wedding Dress?

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress may be overwhelming considering the plethora of options available, one of the distinct ones of course is a lace wedding dress. Lace is not a new entrée to the wedding dress category, but has been utilized for centuries to craft elaborate as well as modest yet elegant designs. Women generally opt for lace appointed wedding dresses simply because they boast an amazing and feminine look, and the fact that they preserve their charm, and are rather timeless and classic.   lace wedding dress Whether they are used to accentuate an overall look or worn from head to toe, any bride will look ravishing in a lace wedding dress. A wedding is usually a once in a lifetime affair so having the perfect dress is truly the most significant element of your big day. There are several things to look for when shopping for a lace wedding dress, some of them are mentioned below. Vintage lace wedding dresses are much more refined compared to modern lace wedding dresses because the texture displays a higher level of contrast between the denser and openwork sections. Given this and however old it may be, a vintage lace wedding dress will be priced higher than a newly crafted wedding dress, With regards to colors, vintage lace wedding dress are best in faded, cream, ivory, off-white or colors such as sephia or smoky rose. Unless you’re opting for a gothic themed wedding, it is best to choose a richly lace-enriched ivory wedding dress. Lace making is often attributed to the Roman Era, but open patterned lace material used today finds its roots in the earlier part of the 16th century. Even though handmade lace is rarely used to create a whole wedding dress, if is often embedded in the décolletage, neckline and wrists. This type of lace is made from cotton and is time consuming and based on a large number of bobbins. Irish handmade lace is considered to be top notch quality. Crocheted lace is handmade lace that is widely used to make wedding dresses, where the thicker the yarn, the more individual and finer the results. Chantilly lace is one of the best types of lace to come across, and was originally rarely white in color. Today Chantilly describes a reproduced version of the original fine textured fabric. An original vintage lace wedding dress dates back to the early 1950’s and 1960’s, where the folds create a subtly frothier effect and have a delicate appearance. These characteristics make original vintage wedding dress sought after items that are often hard to find. Today, the most commonly used lace is machine produced buy generic doxycycline mostly from synthetic yarn. This material makes it possible to embed metallic threads, beading and embroidery, all presenting a myriad of motifs from woven into the mesh and floral and classic to abstract. Brides can also choose from endless variations including bold and subtle looks. When choosing a neckline for a lace wedding dress, the options are both overwhelming and fascinating to say the least. There are few factors to take into account when choosing a neckline for a lace wedding dress and any future bride should be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time determining a striking neckline. Typically, lace used across the shoulders displays a more classical look, whereas a seductive appearance when placed against the skin of the cleavage. Other aspects to consider are hairstyle, neck length and shoulder length. Complete lace back panel fillings in a backless free design will ensure that no matter what angles photos are clicked form, the bride looks ravishing. Sheer lace sleeves are a common element of wedding dresses, the half sleeve being the most popular. Sheer lace for sleeves works well at accentuating the arms, and is a great choice for winter weddings. If you’re one of the daring types, you can opt for black lace sleeves complete with black trim around the neckline. You can further enhance the lace sleeve look with lace fingerless gloves in the same color as the sleeves. If you’re looking for a vintage lace wedding dress, the best avenue to explore is pre-loved wedding dress or preowned wedding dress sites. But for a modern lace wedding dress, the following designers showcase the best in the business. Justin Alexander: Justin Alexander gained stardom on the bridal scene in the early 1940’s in New York. His collection is flourished with contemporary bridal gowns as well as a stunning selection of lace wedding dresses. These designs are made available across the globe, and have been worn by some of the biggest names including Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly. Morilee by Madeline Gardner: Morilee’s award winning lace bridal designs can be had with all the possible embellishments even Swarovski Crystals. Each of her bridal collections features a unique touch of lace, embroidery or other details to make your wedding dress a perfect match. Lillian West:A fairly new entry to the bridal scene – 2014 to be exact, Lillian West has already managed to stun the bridal industry with her first bridal collection. Her bridal designs feature rich satins, embroidered fine laces and soft and romantic fabrics. A lace wedding dress is a great choice for future brides looking to show their romantic and feminine sides and in traditional and formal wedding settings.    

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Best Vintage Wedding Dresses

| inspiration, planning | October 15, 2014

What makes  perfect Vintage Wedding dresses?

There are a few things that despite being old never seem to lose the charisma they once exemplified, and a perfect example is vintage wedding dresses. This category of wedding dresses is distinct from other conventional wedding dress designs for they are simple yet elegant and rich in history. Buying a vintage style wedding dress however is not the same as shopping for a traditional wedding dress and there are a few different aspects to consider.

Vintage wedding dresses can be had in a myriad of distinct designs, but before we describe a few, let’s us highlight the pitfalls to avoid when shopping for vintage wedding attire. The first aspect to consider is the era you wish to emulate in your vintage wedding dress. Although the early 1930’s is a good year to start, going back just a decade or two will also suffice. Each decade exemplifies different trends in lowered waists, slim fits, fuller skirts, lace boleros, frills, ruffles, raised necklines and long sleeves.



image by trends4ever.com

To make a perfect choice, it is best to choose a vintage wedding dress that matches your body type, conceals flaws and accentuates your attributes. With regards to sizing, vintage style wedding dresses are measured differently compared to modern wedding dresses. In earlier times, women generally wore girdles and corsets to achieve an ultra thin waist and slim fit. This is quite evident in most period films, and for this reason it is highly recommended you shop for a vintage style wedding dress that is a couple sizes bigger than what you would normally wear. The hip and waist measurements should be supplemented with the arm and shoulder width.

Just like any other product you buy, the older it is, the more the wear and tear and this applies to vintage wedding dresses as well. When shopping for a vintage wedding dress, ensure you examine it diligently for rips, stains or any other imperfections. If you do come across any defects especially when shopping online, inquire about them but do not overlook. At most instances, these tears and stains are repairable so there’s no reason to simply scratch the selected dress off your wishlist and opt for another.

As an example, you can use an embellishment such as a lace motif or skillful sewing to cover the defect. If you come across stains on the vintage style wedding dress, do not attempt to remove them on your own, but rather have it professional cleaned. Reason being most vintage wedding dresses are crafted from delicate fabric and must be handled as such.

With regards to wear and tear, there are often times when buttons are missing on the vintage wedding dress, and if you think this is the least of your worries, you may be in for a big surprise. If you’re buying a vintage wedding dress, chances are that it is older than you are and so are the buttons. Replacing order amoxil online them today may be a daunting task so confirm that they can be replaced before you make the purchase.

Features of a Vintage Style Wedding Dress:

On a brighter note, there are a few features of a vintage style wedding dress that other styles just can’t match. If you’re looking for a decorated vintage wedding dress, you may want to consider wedding dresses from the post world war period – 1930’s and 1950’s owing to the fact that women of that time wore dresses with all the bells and whistles including heavy embellishments and heavy skirts. For a more functional and simple design, opt for a vintage wedding dress from the 1940’s, which was the era highly influenced by World War II, and there were several limitations on the usage of fabric.

To add to this, the bodice of wedding dresses in the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s featured a low waist and gathered fit, and the neckline was raised and typically appointed with a collar. There were a few style changes introduced in the early 1930’s, where the necklines were lowered and the waist was raised. More changes in the 1940’s resulted in straight designs with cowl neck, and where the vintage wedding dress did not display a distinct waistline. The 1950’s era is when wedding dress styles really took shape with the ultra feminine look, sweetheart necklines, figure hugging and A-Line wedding dress designs.

The most common material used in crafting a vintage wedding dress was rayon, but there were also a few that were made of stain and silk. Stain and silk crafted vintage wedding dresses are however rare before the 1940’s owing to the expensive material. The best place to buy a vintage wedding dress is preowned wedding dress sites simply because they are a sparse commodity. If you desire to walk down the aisle in a vintage wedding dress, listed below are three pre-loved vintage wedding dress site to explore.

Tradesy: This site offers a ton of options to choose from, but the good news is that the vast majority of wedding dresses listed are being sold by their original owners, who could be old and young. This increases the chances of finding a vintage wedding dress that perfectly suits you.

Secondhandweddingdresses.com  With thousands of dresses listed for sale, this is probably the most comprehensive collection of pre-loved wedding dresses, Just like Tradesy, most of the wedding dresses for sale are from their original owners, and with so many to choose from, you might even score one that’s been passed down from generations and at a bargain price.

Etsy: Etsy makes this list for the simple fact that is offers all things bridal. So whether you’re looking for vintage bridal wear, bridesmaid dresses or even embellishments, you’re bound to find it at Etsy.

Vintage dresses are hard to come across, but finding the perfect one is possible provided you look in the right places and follow the tips highlighted above.



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Unique Wedding Ideas for your special day

| inspiration, planning | October 8, 2014

How to create Some Unique Wedding Ideas

You’ve probably attended tons of weddings, and definitely don’t want yours to sing the same conventional tune, so how do you make it special and create everlasting memories for you and your guests? The day you say “I Do” is one of the most exciting days of your life, so rather than planning your wedding day by taking the traditional route or in line with family expectations and parental pressure, why not get more involved with the little details and customize the occasion to your needs? Unique Wedding ideas get easy when you reflect on your unique qualities. Here are a few expert tips that will make your event reflective of your personality, and create a buzz for years to come. Choosing the Perfect Venue: Whether you envision a beach bash or a chapel style ceremony, your wedding venue is probably the most significant aspect to consider (after your wedding dress of course). Although the right location is the one you feel comfortable with, there are several other elements that collectively make it special. Whether you’re anticipating a handful of guests or a Broadway worthy audience, the space in the venue must provide enough elbow room for each guest. Wedding venues tend to look enormous when empty generally at the time of booking, until they’re set up with the DJ equipment, bar, band, dance floor, tables and chairs. Even if you desire an outdoor wedding venue, you will pharmacy no prescription need ample room on the arboretum, poolside or lawn. Take a peak at the space of a wedding venue with an equivalent size guest list to gauge if the location fits the bill. Make it inspiring, special and unique through décor, lightning and planning. Simply visualize the vibe, theme or flow you wish to have and select a wedding venue that fits. Choosing the Best Wedding Music: Believe it or not, your wedding day music has the potential to set the entire tone for your big day so it is important to choose it wisely. If you’ve opted for a themed wedding, you will probably be in good hands with wedding music that goes along with it, but time honored classics are ideal for traditional ceremonies. If you’re getting married in a church or religious style wedding, you may want to tailor your wedding music selection accordingly. It is also important to consider the way sound is streamed through the venue, where some musical instruments may echo in large, indoor environments, and vocal music may be hard to understand in indoor settings. Another aspect to consider when selecting wedding music is the number of songs for the entire event. You will need music when your guests arrive, music for the entrance of the bride and other special moments during the ceremony, which can all be mixed and matched in harmony.    Planning your Wedding Menu: This may seem pretty straightforward, but is trickier than you think. While most brides and grooms leave this part entirely up to wedding caterers, you will need to be equally involved if you want to make your wedding day special. Although having a tasting session with all the food on the menu of your big day is one of the perks of wedding planning, it is important to think beyond the plates, and have the cuisine reflect your personalities (Bride and Groom). Keep in mind that just like you, your guests are going to be bedecked in the finest jewelry and attire, and the last thing  you want is Grandpa Joe slopping marinara sauce all over aunt Joanne’s silk dress or better yet uncle Tom discreetly quibbling about how the teriyaki chicken tastes like rubber hockey pucks. It may be best to scratch messy linguine off the appetizer menu replaced with dishes like tortellini, ravioli or penne. When your coming up with your unique wedding ideas, remember the food isn’t the place to get to original. Your guests are going to be more comfortable with food they understand! Watch the sauces especially those that stain when serving Butlered Hors D’Oeuvres. Sauces can however be on the side or taken off the appetizer menu, and made part of the main buffet. With regards to the main dish, avoid foods that easily overcook such as tuna, and opt for a few grilled items.

unique wedding ideas

image by www.weddingomania.com

Don’t Cut Costs with the Wedding Photographer: When your big day is all said and done, you’re wedding photographs make it easy to reminiscent the grand and fond memories of the event.  This is why it is important to commission a photographer who understands your personalities and someone you click with. To make the task of hiring a wedding photographer easier, make a list of your ideas and styles of shots you are looking for. You need to be in tune with your photographer if you’d like to them to capture your emotions and personalities. Brides often overlook the ceremony itself when trying to make their wedding day stand out from the rest. Whether you’re getting married on the Grand Canal in Venice or simply walking down the aisle of your local chapel, remember that everyone is there for you, so feel free to do things a bit differently.  They will love seeing your personal stamp on this special day.

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George Clooney wedding

| inspiration, real stories | October 2, 2014

When George Clooney finally announced his engagement, it seemed to cause a major wave of heartbreak!

His Bride of choice was not a fellow actor, but  London-based British-lebanese  human rights lawyer, 36 year old Amal Alamuddin. Born in Beirut Lebanon, her clients include none other than Julian Assange, the founder of wiki leaks. George Clooney, 53,  made his debute on television in the long running medical drama ER. He has 3 Golden Globes and two Academy awards under his belt. His films include Batman and Robin, the Descendants and Argo, a movie that seems to reflect his involvement as a policitical activist. Since 2008 he has served as one of the  United Nations Messengers of Peace.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin  tied the knot in Venice on Saturday during a three day wedding celebration (and had a civil service on Monday).  By celebrity standards it was a small event with only 100 guests in total. (including Bono, Matt Damon, and Cindy Crawford) . Georges father was one of the speech givers at the reception “George and Amal present us with … belief that in this place and at this moment, love is alive and well,” reports People, and George made it clear that they are “looking forward to everything” in their lives to come.

Amal Alamuddin wore a beautiful Oscar de la Renta French lace wedding dress with a veil. She chose ivory buy generic valtrex tulle appliquéd with fourteen yards of Chantilly lace, its bodice was hand embroidered with crystals and beading and featured an off-the-shoulder neckline. She is a stunning model for this design and I don’t think she could have picked a more flattering dress. George was dressed elegantly in a custom Giorgio Armani tuxedo with a gift from his wife, cuff links with “George” inscribed in Arabic.

George and Amal sold their wedding photos to PEOPLE magazine in the US and HELLO! magazine in the UK. But keeping with their humanitarian ways they are donating a large portion of the money from these publishing deals to the Satellite Sentinel Project, which George co-founded in 2010 to monitor war crimes in Sudan.



images by http://www.people.com/


It has also been suggested that they sold the wedding photos to the highest bidder to raise as much money as possible so they would have more to donate to their favourite human rights charities.

For a very entertaining take on this marriage check out www.businesswoman.com    who are quoted saying “He’s probably a nice man, but seems to be a bit clingy, as since she met him it’s hard to find a photo or footage of Amal without him hanging around in the background. So refreshing that a woman as incredible as Amal actually gets the acknowledgment.. I love it…

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