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Best Vintage Wedding Dresses

| inspiration, planning | October 15, 2014

What makes  perfect Vintage Wedding dresses?

There are a few things that despite being old never seem to lose the charisma they once exemplified, and a perfect example is vintage wedding dresses. This category of wedding dresses is distinct from other conventional wedding dress designs for they are simple yet elegant and rich in history. Buying a vintage style wedding dress however is not the same as shopping for a traditional wedding dress and there are a few different aspects to consider.

Vintage wedding dresses can be had in a myriad of distinct designs, but before we describe a few, let’s us highlight the pitfalls to avoid when shopping for vintage wedding attire. The first aspect to consider is the era you wish to emulate in your vintage wedding dress. Although the early 1930’s is a good year to start, going back just a decade or two will also suffice. Each decade exemplifies different trends in lowered waists, slim fits, fuller skirts, lace boleros, frills, ruffles, raised necklines and long sleeves.



image by trends4ever.com

To make a perfect choice, it is best to choose a vintage wedding dress that matches your body type, conceals flaws and accentuates your attributes. With regards to sizing, vintage style wedding dresses are measured differently compared to modern wedding dresses. In earlier times, women generally wore girdles and corsets to achieve an ultra thin waist and slim fit. This is quite evident in most period films, and for this reason it is highly recommended you shop for a vintage style wedding dress that is a couple sizes bigger than what you would normally wear. The hip and waist measurements should be supplemented with the arm and shoulder width.

Just like any other product you buy, the older it is, the more the wear and tear and this applies to vintage wedding dresses as well. When shopping for a vintage wedding dress, ensure you examine it diligently for rips, stains or any other imperfections. If you do come across any defects especially when shopping online, inquire about them but do not overlook. At most instances, these tears and stains are repairable so there’s no reason to simply scratch the selected dress off your wishlist and opt for another.

As an example, you can use an embellishment such as a lace motif or skillful sewing to cover the defect. If you come across stains on the vintage style wedding dress, do not attempt to remove them on your own, but rather have it professional cleaned. Reason being most vintage wedding dresses are crafted from delicate fabric and must be handled as such.

With regards to wear and tear, there are often times when buttons are missing on the vintage wedding dress, and if you think this is the least of your worries, you may be in for a big surprise. If you’re buying a vintage wedding dress, chances are that it is older than you are and so are the buttons. Replacing order amoxil online them today may be a daunting task so confirm that they can be replaced before you make the purchase.

Features of a Vintage Style Wedding Dress:

On a brighter note, there are a few features of a vintage style wedding dress that other styles just can’t match. If you’re looking for a decorated vintage wedding dress, you may want to consider wedding dresses from the post world war period – 1930’s and 1950’s owing to the fact that women of that time wore dresses with all the bells and whistles including heavy embellishments and heavy skirts. For a more functional and simple design, opt for a vintage wedding dress from the 1940’s, which was the era highly influenced by World War II, and there were several limitations on the usage of fabric.

To add to this, the bodice of wedding dresses in the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s featured a low waist and gathered fit, and the neckline was raised and typically appointed with a collar. There were a few style changes introduced in the early 1930’s, where the necklines were lowered and the waist was raised. More changes in the 1940’s resulted in straight designs with cowl neck, and where the vintage wedding dress did not display a distinct waistline. The 1950’s era is when wedding dress styles really took shape with the ultra feminine look, sweetheart necklines, figure hugging and A-Line wedding dress designs.

The most common material used in crafting a vintage wedding dress was rayon, but there were also a few that were made of stain and silk. Stain and silk crafted vintage wedding dresses are however rare before the 1940’s owing to the expensive material. The best place to buy a vintage wedding dress is preowned wedding dress sites simply because they are a sparse commodity. If you desire to walk down the aisle in a vintage wedding dress, listed below are three pre-loved vintage wedding dress site to explore.

Tradesy: This site offers a ton of options to choose from, but the good news is that the vast majority of wedding dresses listed are being sold by their original owners, who could be old and young. This increases the chances of finding a vintage wedding dress that perfectly suits you.

Secondhandweddingdresses.com  With thousands of dresses listed for sale, this is probably the most comprehensive collection of pre-loved wedding dresses, Just like Tradesy, most of the wedding dresses for sale are from their original owners, and with so many to choose from, you might even score one that’s been passed down from generations and at a bargain price.

Etsy: Etsy makes this list for the simple fact that is offers all things bridal. So whether you’re looking for vintage bridal wear, bridesmaid dresses or even embellishments, you’re bound to find it at Etsy.

Vintage dresses are hard to come across, but finding the perfect one is possible provided you look in the right places and follow the tips highlighted above.



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